Soap Bar, Advanced Age Spot

Our Advanced Age Spot, Brightening with Kojic Acid Bar Soap is excellent for lightening dark spots on the skin.  Great to treat skin conditions, such as sun damage, scars, and age spots.

Products with Kojic Acid penetrate the upper layers of the skin to inhibit the production of melanin.

In fact, it works by inhibiting the amount of melanin produced and increases the breakdown of melanin pigment in skin cells.

The result of which is fairer and even-toned skin.

Many products contain hydroquinone which is manufactured in labs using a combination of chemicals like benzene or phenol.

If you prefer to use a product that is a natural-based, then Kojic Acid is the right choice.




Proudly made in the USA with all natural, plant-based ingredients.

Effective skincare for your pup does not have to be complicated or expensive. On the contrary, it can be simple, easy, and natural.


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