Green Tea & Aloe Beard Balm & Pomade

Our premium beard balm is formulated with Hemp Seed Oil and Soy Oil to soften, tame, and condition even the unruliest beard.




Our natural deep conditioning formula nourishes the skin with Zinc, Vitamins B1 and B9, and Vitamin E.

Keeps Facial hair and skin moisturized.

Reduces itching and irritation.

Adds shine.


Hemp (Cannabis Sativa) Seed Oil, Soy (Glycine Soja) Oil (with Zinc, Folate Vitamin B9 and Thiamine Vitamin B1), Vitamin E (Tocopherol), Essential Oil Blend.

How to use

Rub a dime sized amount between your palms and distribute through facial hair.  Make sure to run into the skin beneath your beard and/or mustache.


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