Elderberry Vitamin C Hand Sanitizer

Over-washing and sanitizing can cause microtears in our skill where germs love to breed. This formula prevents that while providing an invigorating elderberry aroma.


Our Elderberry Hand Sanitizer contains a powerful combination of 65% Ethanol Alcohol, 3 moisturizers and 4 sources of Vitamin C to kill germs quickly while leaving your hands silky smooth.  99.9% effective in killing contagious microbes.

Smell’s great, and won’t dry your skin.

Weight 4 oz

Deionized Water, Ethanol Alcohol (65%), Glycerin, Celquat SC-230M, Aloe Vera Gel, Elderberry Fruit Extract, Cranberry, Blackberry, and Blueberry Essential Oil Blend with Vitamin C.

How to use

Apply small amount onto hands (a little goes a long way). Allow to sit for a few seconds, rub in for 20 seconds to allow alcohol to complete its work.


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