Kale is a nutritional powerhouse…

Rich in vitamins A and C (micro-nutrients), calcium, potassium and flavor.

Portuguese Chourico and Kale SoupMultiple varieties of kale lend themselves well to different recipes: you can julienne it for salads, bake it for chips, add to soups, or sauté it. Supermarkets tend to stock mostly the curly kale, but some stores stock other varieties as well. Instead of waiting for the supermarkets to stock the shelves with 3-week-old bunches of kale, grow your own in a Tower Garden.

Tower’s are so efficient at growing kale it’s a challenge to keep up with the growth – so share some with your neighbors! The following recipe for Portuguese Chourico and Kale Soup Recipe via Rachel Ray uses a pound of kale (think about the great nutrition; your skin will look fabulous), and it’s really good. My family of all guys request this regularly.

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